First of all, it's awesome to know that you've been training with kettlebells for so long. Although I've been training, teaching, and studying kbs for around 5 years, I definitely have much to learn, still. I'm happy to know you've had a good kettlebell instructor. It does make a world of difference. We're in this journey to help people understand how this fantastic tool can improve everyone's lives, we'll get there eventually.

I am a trainer, but I look up to people like you, with so many years of consistency in training. Hopefully I'll get there.

Second of all, it's an honor to receive a compliment from someone who has written so many articles.

Thank you!

Keep strong!

Strength/Movement Coach. StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Lvl 2. Coffee Lover. Exploring Neuromuscular Function, Articular Health, and Motor Learning.

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