• Gregg Coleman

    Gregg Coleman

  • Nassos Papazoglou

    Nassos Papazoglou

    I’m a hotelier and a midlife blogger. I created https://midlifecontrarian.com, to debunk the myth of the midlife crisis and help midlife men live a better life.

  • Jorge Quinteros

    Jorge Quinteros

    Avid photographer based in Brooklyn. @jorgeq on Instagram

  • Renato Urany

    Renato Urany

  • Dr. Julio Duran

    Dr. Julio Duran

  • Julie Dietrich

    Julie Dietrich

  • Imtiaz


    Tech enthusiast from Dhaka. Interested in writing, music, and coding. Likes traveling, books, and movies.

  • Kirby Watson

    Kirby Watson

    Wife. Mom. Northwestern University English in Writing major, future Neuro D.O., R.D.

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