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Hey everyone, how’s the week been?

I hope you guys are well, cause if you’re not, lie down and do some breathing exercises for a few minutes. I guarantee you will feel a lot better.

Very well, to conclude this breathing series, for the time being, I would like to…

Introduction to Diaphragmatic Breathing

Origins of Deep Breathing

Do you have a baby? Watch your kid while he/she sleeps. Notice how the belly rises and expands laterally. We are born nurturing a deep connection between motor control and breathing. Throughout the phases of motor development, the child experiments breathing in different levels of difficulty, in different positions. It…

And Shortening The Gap

In continuation of our previous discussion, we exposed that training flexibility is essential to improve articular health, but not enough.

When we increase passive range, we expose the newly acquired degrees of movement. This exposure was previously protected by the mechanoreceptors working intelligently to prevent injury. Now it’s temporarily unprotected.

Discussing the details of how flexibility affects joint health.

Most of us know that flexibility is an important physical attribute to cultivate. But do you really know how it affects our body when we perform?

We can define flexibility as the capacity of a given muscle (or group of) to undergo extension. Contrary to some of the old beliefs…

The reasons underlying our decisions, or lack of, are numerous. Let’s go over a few

Today I was reading Tribe Of Mentors from Tim Ferriss, and I came across the notion that we need to address procrastination. And even though it seems like an obvious statement, we do nothing about it. Where does this urge come from (of postponing what should be done now)?


Andre Cerro

Strength/Movement Coach. StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Lvl 2. Coffee Lover. Exploring Neuromuscular Function, Articular Health, and Motor Learning.

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